What does the course cover?

The Art World, the Art Market, and Photography

Much like fashion, music, and cinema, art and photography are industries like every other creative pursuit. Understanding how this world operates will save you a lot of frustration and disappointment, as well as putting you in a better position to get to where you want to be.
Image of Michael Dooney presenting the webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World

Prints and Books

Viewing the art world through the lens of commodification, photographic prints and photo books are your two main products when participating in the marketplace of art. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each, how to decide for which medium is best for your project, and look at some artists who gained recognition through specific bodies of works
Image of Michael Dooney presenting the webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World

Editions and Pricing

As the title suggests, we talk about how to edition and price your work. What the standard practices are for photographers, artists who have made their own rules, and how to decide what is best for you.
Image of Michael Dooney presenting the webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World

Artist's Statement and CV

If only your work could speak for itself. When quality is subjective and time is a scarce resource, artist's statements and CV's play a crucial role in determining whether a curator will consider your work. We'll look at some examples and how to put yours together.
Image of Michael Dooney presenting the webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World

Website and Online Presence

We live in a digital age. If you're not online you don't exist. We talk about the importance of your website, building your online presence, what to do about social media, and where to focus your energy.
Image of Michael Dooney presenting the webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World

Competitions, Portfolio Reviews and Networking

Getting your work seen by decision makers is at the heart of the art world. Don't spend your time and money entering all the wrong competitions. Learn how to cut through the noise, select the right events and meet the people who you want to work with (and want to work with you).
Image of Michael Dooney presenting the webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World

Promoting Your Photography in the Art World

Be part of the beta program to build the online course

Over the past few years I have delivered How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World in person course as a two day workshop to over 100 artists and photographers through the bbk Berlin (Professional Association of Visual Artists in Berlin) and the Neue Schule für Fotografie (The New School of Photography).

The workshop was born out of the frustrations and complaints that I have been hearing directly from artists since opening my gallery back in 2013.

Consolidating everything I have learned over the past decade - initially exhibiting my own photography, and later running a gallery where I presented the works of other artists - this course will teach you what you should have learned in art school and help aleviate some of your frustrations with the art world. 

From in-person workshop to online webinar

Throughout the latter part of 2023 this in person course will be adapted for delivery online.

The first live webinar took place last Spring and follow up sessions are scheduled for Autumn.

We are currently scheduling the 1 on 1 coaching sessions and group feedback calls with the first cohort of participants.

The individual calls are a bonus for taking part in the beta version of the program.
Image of live webinar which took place in May 2023

Payment Plan

As these are difficult times for everyone everywhere, I am providing a 7 month payment plan to make the course more accessible to people who can't afford the full amount upfront.

How is the course delivered?

Live, pre-recorded, hybrid...

Ultimately 'How To Promote Your Photography in the Art World' will become an evergreen course (planned for 2024) made up of pre-recorded videos, divided into modules, with resources that you can consume at your own pace.

During the beta phase of the online course, a hybrid approach combining pre-recorded and live material will be delivered. 

The first live webinar, recorded earlier this year, went for 3 hour and 45 minutes. This was mostly due to the interactive nature of the live delivery, with questions from participants and discussions of various points. 

I have since recorded a solo-webinar which is only the presentation material with a duration of 1 hour 55 minutes which you can access immediately after purchase.

A second live webinar is currently scheduled for Friday the 17th of November, 1:00pm CET. The live version will take place as a 4 hour block with breaks as needed.

In this way you can watch the material before at your own pace. Then prepare questions for the live delivery of the webinar later in the year. This is unique to the beta offering of the course, so if this is interesting for you, now is your chance.

If demand is there for people in other time zones to participate in a live version of the webinar, additional sessions will be scheduled to accommodate those outside Europe.

Bonus material

As the evergreen course is still being built, and will grow to suit the needs of the initial students, you can take advantage of the additional incentives by participating in the development phase of the online course.

  • One 25 minute 1:1 coaching call

    210€ value

    One 25 minute 1:1 coaching call to talk about your photography and specific problems that you may be having.

  • Evergreen Course Access

    70€ per year

    Receive lifetime access to the evergreen course and future updates.

  • Community Membership

    42€ per year

    One year of membership to the community program which includes Office Hours with live Q&A.

What isn't taught in art school

... and every artist needs to know.

Most art school graduates are taught nothing about how the art world operates, what the art market is, or how to further their careers.

Save yourself years of frustration by learning the fundamentals of the industry and how to better position yourself for success.
Image of Michael Dooney presenting webinar of How to Promote Your Photography in the Art World


  • How much is the course?

    The introductory price during the beta phase is 182€

    To make the course more accessible I have priced it relative to one coffee per week in Berlin for an entire year.

    3,50€ is the average price of a (decent) coffee In Berlin.

    3,50€ x 52 weeks = 182€

    Go out twice a week and you're spending 364€ and if you buy a coffee every morning it works out to 1,278€ per year.

    A better question might be, how much are you investing in yourself and what value do you place on improving your chances of success in the art world?

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for photographers and artists working with photography who are new to the field, or despite years of trying, are struggling to understand how the art world and gallery system functions.

  • Who isn't this course for?

    If you're an assignment photographer, work in advertising, and have no interest in the world of fine art photography (galleries, fairs, festivals). Then the course might not be for you.

  • I'm not sure if this course is for me or not

    If you're unsure whether this course is for you. You can write to me directly on mail (at) michaeldooney (dot) net and I can answer any questions you may have.

  • Can I book additional 1:1 sessions?

    Yes, 1:1 coaching sessions will be available soon. If you are interested you can contact me on mail (at) michaeldooney (dot) net and I can add you to the mailing list for when this is announced.

  • I speak English as a second language, are there subtitles?

    Yes, the pre-recorded video does have subtitles, for the moment only in English. There is also a full transcript of the recording with timestamps which you can download as a PDF.

About Michael Dooney

Since founding Jarvis Dooney gallery in 2013 I have presented the work of over 250 artists, participated in major art fairs (Photo London, LOOP Barcelona), enabled international debut exhibitions in photography biennials (EMOP Berlin) and continue to be invited back to review portfolios in significant photography festivals (Les Rencontres d'Arles).

Artistic expression has been front and centre my entire life, but it wasn’t until later I realised my strength was in supporting the talent of other artists rather than my own creative output.

In hindsight this began in my early 20’s whilst playing in a band. Though I loved writing and performing, I was equally passionate about discovering other bands, booking gigs and connecting interesting people. This prompted me to study cultural management to better understand the business side of the industry.

When my girlfriend (now wife) introduced me to photography, I put down my guitar and picked up a camera, embracing black & white and developing my own film; shooting live performances and portraits of the bands I knew.

My first solo exhibition took place during FotoFreo festival 2008 shortly before I relocated from Perth, Australia to Wismar, Germany to complete my Masters. Following six months in Hamburg I eventually found myself in Berlin amongst its thriving creative community, immersing myself in the artist run spaces, galleries, and club scene.

Embracing the creative energy that Berlin inspires, I decided to open my own gallery, introducing work from artists I knew in Australia by providing a platform for them in Europe. Securing a location on Linienstr. in Berlin-Mitte, Galerie Pavlova - a nod to our antipodian herritage - was opened in 2013 with work from leading Australian artist Polixeni Papapetrou. (a few years later we re-branded as Jarvis Dooney)

The gallery facilitated insightful conversations between artists, curators, collectors and the opening night crowd. I wanted more people to benefit from these meaningful exchanges, so launched an art world podcast Subtext & Discourse where I interview major figures in the contemporary art world. Demystifying the industry through the podcast also contributed to my involvement in education.

Recognising that most artists share the same reservations about the art world, and having answered many of the same questions over the years, I developed a course which addressed their ongoing concerns. I started teaching in 2017 through the bbk Berlin and the Neue Schule für Fotografie, summarising my experience and knowledge into a two day workshop. I also started delivering 1:1 coaching sessions due to demand from students wanting individual support.

Establishing an online platform for photographers and artists working with photography to understand the art world and related market is the next logical step to enable more people to connect and reach their creative potential.